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Two Companies Save a Ramsey County Ice Rink

Last month was not a good month for the Phalen Recreation Center. About $20,000 in damage was done to the center’s outdoor refrigerated rink when thieves stole the customized copper tubing that cooled the rink. The police still have no leads in the theft. Copper can be quite valuable and clearly this site is prone to theft. So two local companies donated the replacement parts, but plastic composite replacements, and the labor to install the parts for free to get this rink flooded and serving the local skaters again.

NAC Mechanical and Electrical Services teamed up with a supply partner, Mulcahy Company Inc., to help get the rink back in service to the community. The rink’s opening has been delayed by warmer November weather and now the theft, but with gracious gift from the local companies, the rink is set to possibly open this weekend.

Lynn Bishop, President of NAC Mechanical
said, “We’re rooted in the community, and so is the rink. We couldn’t let this rink be taken from the kids and families of St. Paul, and we had a solution to prevent this from happening again. We wanted to get the rink back to the community and with the help of our supplier, Mulcahy Company Inc., we could make that happen.”

No games or practices were missed thankfully due to this setback. Because of this donation of time and supplies by these companies, no future games or practices will be missed. A company coming to the aid of the community like this is something to the Ramsey County residents can truly appreciate.

Posted on January 01 1970